Unity 2016 Game Physics

Learn to Manipulate the Physics of Your Game World


What's Inside

Even a game world is beholden to the laws of physics, but at least you have a say in how they’re configured. In this course, you’ll master game physics by tinkering with and developing a full game in Unity 5. Armed with a mastery of how different forces work, you’ll be able to program liquids to splash realistically, animate collisions between game objects, and much more.

  • Master game physics using Unity 5 w/ 2.5 hours of content
  • Create spherical objects, configure the physics of rigid bodies, program bouncing balls, etc.
  • Understand different types of forces & how to apply them: torque, gravity, etc.
  • Utilize buoyancy physics for water, lava & other fluids
  • Detect collisions between game objects, utilize triggers, work w/ joints, etc.
  • Use Unity to import packages, program animations & create a full-fledged game

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