Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle

Master the Language Behind Every Web Browser with 15 Courses on All Things JavaScript

What's Inside

If you've even pondered the concept of front-end development as a future career, drop everything and learn JavaScript. This dynamic programming language is not only the engine behind all modern browsers from Firefox to Chrome, but is widely used to build front-end development frameworks. This training starts from the very basics of using JavaScript to build a simple game, and ends with courses on advanced libraries and visualizations.

  • Understand & build applications w/ AngularJS
  • Employ the Bootstrap framework & AngularJS to build webpages
  • Utilize JavaScript libraries like D3.js to turn data into pictures
  • Tap into the Rapid D3JS JavaScript library to create amazing visuals
  • Add functionality to your HTML & enhance your sites w/AngularJS Directives
  • Make your JavaScript run more efficiently & improve overall performance
  • Create reusable workflows & development tools w/ Grunt
  • Create visualizations w/ D3JS that work on multiple platforms
  • Leverage AngularJS & Apache Cordova to code apps that perform like native ones

Courses Included with Purchase

JavaScript High Performance
Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS
Deploying AngularJS
Rapid UnderscoreJS
Rapid D3 JS
Learning AngularJS Directives
Learning Functional JavaScript
Introducing Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner
Web Development with AngularJS and Bootstrap
Mastering D3.js
Bring Your Data to Life By Creating & Deploying Complex Data Visualizations
Learning AngularJS
Introducing AngularJS
Building an Application with AngularJS
Beginning Ionic Hybrid Application Development
Building Responsive Data Visualizations with D3.js
Create Bar Charts, Scatterplots & More That Look Great on Different Devices

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