The Probate Blueprint: Your All-Inclusive Guide To Mastering Probate Real Estate Investing

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To The Profitable Niche Of Probate Real Estate Investing

What's Inside

At the request of my students, I've created this class to provide specific instructions on how to master the niche of Probate Real Estate Investing.

My goal is for you to be ARMED TO THE TEETH with the knowledge, resources, and tools required to dominate the probate niche in your market.

Here's a small sample of what's included in The Probate Blueprint -

You RECEIVE specialized knowledge and resources required to dominate the Probate niche.

You BENEFIT from a unique lead source that offers motivated sellers and reduced competition.

You FOLLOW along step-by-step so that your business grows as you take course.

You CREATE a lead tracking database so that opportunities don't slip through the cracks.

You DOWNLOAD a full suite of proven marketing materials to maximize your response rate.

You LEARN how to effectively communicate with the often emotionally sensitive Probate Seller.

You OBTAIN a copy of my Purchase & Sale Agreement that I've used to close over 400 houses.

You GAIN access to my Direct Mail Company to enhance your direct mail campaigns.

You SAVE THOUSANDS on marketing expenses with exclusive discounts and coupon codes.

You SEE the mistakes that your competitors make so you can grab the deals they leave behind.

You LISTEN to special bonus lectures that will inspire, motivated, and build momentum.

This course leaves NOTHING to chance and sets you up for ultimate success in the unique niche of Probate Real Estate.

No other Real Estate training that I've taken has provided me with anything close to same level of detail, insight, and value as The Probate Blueprint. Ever since I began investing in Real Estate, I've been continually educating myself through books, seminars, live events, webinars, mentorships, and podcasts. As a result, I've developed a keen understanding of what "high-quality Real Estate training" looks like. With that said, I can confidently say that Ben's seemingly innocuous online Real Estate course is absolutely, hands down, without a doubt the best Real Estate training that I've ever received.

Ben has completely knocked this one out of the park, and I'm certain that The Probate Blueprint is destined to be THE KING of Probate Real Estate trainings.

Thank you Ben for doing what you do!

- Brandon Sparks / House Flipper / Tampa, FL


  • Gain access to the probate records in your market
  • Track down incredibly motivated probate sellers
  • Create a devastatingly effective marketing campaign
  • Analyze your incoming probate leads
  • Negotiate effectively with the Executor
  • Take control of the property with strategic contract language
  • Close the deal with a heavy-hitter Attorney
  • Reduce & eliminate your risk and exposure
  • Convert the deal into profits


  • Probate sellers are highly motivated and anxious to liquidate their property
  • Most of your competition doesn't know how to effectively pursue these deals
  • The houses are often in good condition and don't require heavy rehabs
  • By the very nature of the niche - there is a never ending supply of probate deals
  • Gain true satisfaction from helping good people out of a painful situation
  • There can often be additional valuables such as cars, jewelry, or furniture included
  • Most probate houses are not encumbered by liens


  • A complete downloadable set of proven & effective direct-mail marketing materials
  • Complimentary contracts and paperwork to control and close your deals
  • Special discount codes to save you thousands of dollars on your marketing expenses
  • A special lead tracking spreadsheet to manage all of your probate leads
  • Learn my strategy for recruiting a heavy-hitter Closer for your Real Estate deals

Probate Real Estate can be tricky. On one hand, the probate niche has provided me with the most profitable Real Estate deals of my career. On the other hand, it's a niche that requires the careful implementation of specialized knowledge to be successful. It's both a highly profitable niche and also a highly elusive one. It's that polarized combination that makes Probate Real Estate the incredible opportunity.

Allow me to unlock that opportunity for you with THE PROBATE BLUEPRINT.

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Ben Clardy

How's it going? :)

My name is Ben Clardy, and I've been buying, selling and renting houses in Atlanta for the last 13 years.

I've become pretty-darn good at Real Estate, but I've learned that my true passion is actually TEACHING. I really love helping other people learn how they can achieve success in Real Estate, and that's why I create these online training courses.

My goal is to provide HIGH-QUALITY / LOW-COST Real Estate training for my students.

I've made a lot of mistakes early in my investing career. One of them that I will always remember is the day that I wrote a $25,000 check to a "Real Estate Guru" that promised to teach me everything I needed to know to succeed in Real Estate. That was a BIG mistake.

I lost an incredibly large amount of money that day, but I did learn something important:

I learned that I wanted to save other people from making the same costly mistake.

You see, it's not uncommon for people so shell out 10k, 20k, or even 50k dollars in order to learn the ropes in Real Estate... but it is ENTIRELY unnecessary.

My goal is to provide top-quality Real Estate education courses at very low prices.

I'm passionate about helping other people overcome their fears, challenges, and obstacles as they progress towards their goals.

I enjoy helping people succeed. I suppose I'm that way because I know how real the struggle can be - and the struggle is different for every person. Still, despite what your own personal challenges are, success can be yours. It's really just a matter of finding a source for the information you need, learning it, and applying it... and I want to help you by becoming your information source, providing you with the education, and walking you through each step of the process as you apply your new knowledge.

Alright, that's enough about me. Check out my courses, and let me know what I can do to help you achieve success!

I'm happy to help. ;)


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