Social Media Marketing - Content Marketing Masterclass

Learn how to master Social Media Marketing - Learn what works and what does not work and where to spend your time and effort.

What's Inside

Social Media Marketing Masterclass

Do you want to understand the science and art of Social Media Marketing?

Do you get frustrated with all the confusing advice on the internet?

Maybe you have tried Social Media Marketing in the past and failed?

Master Social Media Marketing

In this course you will learn how to master Social Media Marketing.

You will learn what works and what does not work and where to spend your time and effort.

You will understand the psychology of the buyer journey and how you can map that to your social media marketing campaign.

You will also learn how to drive traffic to your website using Social Media Marketing.

Topics Covered In This Course:

Module 1 - Understanding Social Media Marketing

  • The Social Media Marketing Monster
  • Free vs Paid Traffic
  • What Is Marketing
  • What is Media
  • What is Social
  • Local vs International Social Media Marketing

Module 2 - Marketing As A Business Priority

  • Marketing As A Business Priority
  • The Marketing Company
  • Feast And Famine
  • Continuous Marketing
  • The 80/20 Principle
  • Sales And Marketing

Module 3 - Understanding The Buyer Journey

  • Meet Bob
  • The Seven Steps To Marriage
  • The Buyer Journey - AIDA
  • Attention Content
  • Interest Content
  • Desire Content
  • Action Content

Module 4 - Bob's World View

  • Understanding World Views
  • Understanding Bob
  • Confirming A World View
  • The Family Kettle
  • Bob's World View Activities

Module 5 - Social Media Marketing And Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

  • The Truth About Social Signals
  • The Problem With New Websites
  • The Snowball Effect
  • The Great Deception
  • Your Website As Your Data Center

Module 6 - Social Media Marketing Platforms

  • Finding Bob
  • What Platform Should I Use?
  • Business Or Personal Branding?
  • Branding Tips
  • Creating Your Biography
  • Housekeeping

Module 7 - Posting On Social Media Platforms

  • The Golden Rules
  • Curation Vs Creation
  • What Types Of Content Should I Create?
  • Written Content
  • Photography Content
  • Infographics Content
  • Video Content
  • Podcast Content
  • Automation

Module 8 - Social Media Posting Ideas

  • Where Do I Get Posting Ideas From?
  • Stupid Questions
  • Conversations
  • Stories - The Power Of Narrative
  • Industry News
  • Content Capture Systems
  • Respecting Your Audience

Module 9 - Creating A Social Media Post

  • Take Them To The Movies
  • Headlines
  • Body Text
  • Using Images
  • Video Posts
  • Quizzes And Polls
  • Links
  • Hashtags

Module 10 - Community Based Marketing

  • The Best Kept Secret In Social Media Marketing
  • Choosing A Niche
  • Choosing A Platform
  • Gate Keepers
  • Community Rules
  • Shared Ownership
  • Structuring Your Community
  • Visiting Other Communities

Module 11 - Building A Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Why You Need A Plan
  • Your Social Media Schedule
  • Your Content Calendar
  • Realistic Time Frames
  • Responsibilities And Roles
  • SMART Goals For Your Marketing
  • Marketing Mission Statements

Module 12 - Social Media Marketing Case Studies

  • Marketing Mistakes
  • Twitter Case Studies
  • Facebook Case Studies
  • LinkedIn Case Studies
  • YouTube Case Studies
  • Pinterest Case Studies
  • Instagram Case Studies

Module 13 - Vlogging Style Video Production

  • What Is Vlogging
  • Vlogging Equipment - Budget Or 4k?
  • Vlogging Equipment - Budget Recommendations
  • Vlogging Equipment - Choosing Your 4k Camera
  • Vlogging Equipment - Choosing Your Microphones Lecture
  • Vlogging Equipment - Tripods And Accessories Lecture
  • Filming Techniques
  • Editing A Vlog Lecture
  • Activities For The Vlogging Section

Module 14 - Understanding Instagram

  • Growing Your Audience
  • Hash Tagging Tools
  • Better Pictures With Your Phone
  • Basic Composition - The Rule Of Thirds
  • Understanding Light
  • Controlling Your Background
  • Editing Your Images With Snapseed
  • Understand Instagram - Activities To Complete

Module 15 - Quora Marketing

  • What Is Quora?
  • Setting Up Your Quora Profile
  • Finding Quora Questions To Answer
  • Writing A Quora Answer
  • Quora Growth Tips
  • Quora - Activities To Complete

Module 16 - Pinterest Marketing

  • What Is Pinterest?
  • Pinterest Business Profiles
  • Creating A Pinterest Board
  • Creating A Pinterest Pin
  • Rich Pins And Buyable Pins
  • Pinterest Growth Strategies
  • Pinterest Board Strategy Examples
  • Pinterest Tools
  • Pinterest Activities To Complete

Module 17 - Creating Social Media Images With Adobe Spark

  • Introduction To Adobe Spark Tools
  • Creating A Post
  • Creating A Post On A Mobile
  • Adobe Spark Activities To Complete

Module 18 - Introduction To Podcasting

  • What Is Podcasting
  • Getting Started With Podcasting
  • Podcasting Equipment
  • Designing Your Podcast
  • Podcast Recording Tips
  • Finding Guests For Your Show
  • Editing Your Podcast With Adobe Audition
  • Marketing Your Podcast
  • Podcasting Activities To Complete

Join Us

So join us on the other side and learn how to master the science and art of Social Media Marketing!

What are the requirements?

  • You Will Need Access To The Internet
  • You Will Need To Be Willing To Learn

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand How Social Media Marketing Really Works
  • Build A Business Driven By Marketing
  • Understand The Buyer Journey
  • Know How To Use Social Media Marketing To Improve SEO
  • Understand The Social Media Platforms
  • Master The Art Of Posting On Social Media Platforms
  • Source And Store Social Media Posting Ideas
  • Create A Social Media Marketing Post To A High Standard
  • Understand The Power Of Social Media Communities
  • Build A Social Media Schedule And Plan

What is the target audience?

  • This Course Is Designed To Help Those That Want To Master Social Media Marketing
  • Entrepreneurs / Marketers / Traditional Marketers Will All Benefit From Taking This Course
  • This Course Is Not A Course On Setting Up Facebook Pages Etc
  • This Course Is For Those That Want To Understand The Psychology Of Social Media Marketing And Apply It Practically

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Mark Timberlake
Mark runs a marketing company called SME Heroes, which specializes in training on all things to do with online course creation and online marketing.
He has extensive experience with online business in various forms over the last 15 years and loves to share his hard one lessons and techniques for online business success.
In addition he also has over 12 years experience in online retail and over 6 years experience as a commercial photographer.

This means he has a deep breadth of experience which comes through in his courses which are always designed to be easy to understand and to pass on the practical skills he has learned.

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