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What's Inside

Becoming an awesome programmer is a bit like building a large tower of knowledge in that solid foundations are the key to your success. Completing this course will provide you with mastery over these foundations. Here is a quick summary of the journey that awaits you:


The course will focus on mastering the following concepts

  • variables (integers, floats and strings)
  • control structures ( loops and if statements)
  • functions
  • data structures (lists and dictionaries)

Learning Process

The course incorporates principles known to help humans learn better, namely: multiple perspectives, revision, feedback and real world application. The following three step process will help you retain and master all the topics covered in this course:

Step 1: Demonstrate concept with both visual and text outputs: this is achieved by first writing a program with a text output and then writing another where the output is created visually using turtle.

Step 2: Test your understanding with 10 coding exercises: all of these are automatically marked using the python unittest module giving you instant valuable feedback.

Step 3: Apply your understanding to write useful and interesting programs: The core concepts you have learned will be put together into programs which do useful and interesting things like:

  • User authentication with a dictionary
  • Guessing number game
  • Human reaction time measurement
  • Human memory training
  • Palindrome Discovery (all single word palindromes in English)

Course Curriculum

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