Personal Transformation: Change Your Mindset, Habits & Life

Learn about the SMART model, stoicism, goal-setting. career development, determinism & start transforming yourself

What's Inside

Would you like to jumpstart your career, improve your goal-setting abilities and learn about highly advanced philosophical concepts such as stoicism and determinism in a simple and understandable way? Then this course is for you!

In this course, we will cover a range of topic. I will help you become more determined and disciplined, we will cover the SMART model and even learning strategies that will you help you to learn more quickly.

But what exactly are you going to learn in detail here in this course?

  1. Coping with the past - If you struggle with your past or if things happened in your past that you aren't happy about, then this chapter will help you to keep moving forward. We will figure out the problems you had in the past and how to live with them.
  2. Habits, discipline and hard work - If you struggle with hard or smart work, then this chapter will be especially helpful for you. In this chapter, we will talk about stoicism, determinism and how to become more determined in general.
  3. 10 strategies for becoming more successful - Have you ever asked yourself what the difference is between super successful individuals and people who are not as successful? In this chapter, we will cover some proven strategies that will help you to succeed in life.
  4. Speed learning - We will now cover learning strategies. You might be asking why we are covering this topic here in this course. I personally believe that being more quick at learning things has huge advantage in all our lives, whether in your job, personal life or other places. We will cover 37 learning strategies and learn how to apply them in creative ways.
  5. Career development - Let's talk career! Would you like to get into a higher position in your company or would you like to start your own company? In this part of the course, we will dig deep and figure out which basics traits you need in order to succeed as an entrepreneur or employee.

After completing this course, you will be capable to:

  • Understand the SMART model and know how to transform broad goals into smart goals
  • Learn to stick to your habits and develop new effective ones
  • Learn about stoicism and determinism (and how to apply both concepts in practice)
  • Improve your mindset and become more determined quickly
  • Embrace humility and become a more grateful person
  • Differentiate between and apply three dozens learning strategies
  • Jumpstart your career through 10+ career development hacks

While other courses leave you confused and only give you a glimpse on personal transformation, this is an A-Z guide - the complete personal transformation masterclass!

It’s time to take action. This offer won’t last forever.

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Yours sincerely,

Leon Chaudhari

- instructor -

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