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What's Inside

Do you struggle to come up with new concepts that surprise your partners and competitors? Are you stuck in the idea stage of a business, unsure of which possibilities will lead to something truly revolutionary? Or do you already have a great idea, but aren't sure when's the right time to take action? If any of that sounds like your life, you need One Month Innovation.

In just 30 days, you will learn the skills necessary to create meaningful, impactful, and, yes, innovative business ideas. There is an art to generating and evaluating new ideas, and through a series of short lectures and simple exercises you can begin to master it. You'll learn how to recognize weak signals, follow an information diet, discover trends and narrative themes, and identify white spaces - all leading to a new, in-depth understanding of what makes an idea truly innovative.

It all comes to you straight from the mind of Rahaf Harfoush, a digital anthropologist, idea hunter, and New York Times bestselling author - and that's not even half of her credentials! A true thought pioneer, Rahaf has broken more molds than most business leaders have ever encountered, and she has perfected the science of ideation. Don't miss your chance to learn the secrets of innovative business ideas from one of the true masters of the field.

Who It's For:

  • You want to figure out if your ideas are new, different, and innovative
  • You want to learn how to analyze the business landscape
  • You're a leader trying to decide when to take action on a great idea
  • You're suffering from writer's block or you have too many ideas
  • You're trying to figure out the difference between an "okay" idea and one that really makes people's heads turn

What You'll Get:

  • Tools and strategies for developing and evaluating business ideas
  • Insights into the process of business analysis
  • Four weeks of lectures and projects with real-world applications
  • The complete innovation toolkit, custom-made to guide you to innovative ideas
  • Certificate of Completion

What You'll Learn:

  • How to generate, examine, and evaluate ideas
  • Analyzing the scope, demands, and knowledge conditions of your industry
  • How to evaluate different ideas and choose the right one for your business
  • Techniques for managing data flow and information overload
  • How to build a framework for disruptive businesses in just four week!

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Chris Castiglione is an educator. He is the co-founder of One Month, and a professor at Columbia University Business School. His mission is to use storytelling as a tool to inspire positive change in the world. Chris's mediums include video, podcasts, writing, and teaching.

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