2D Zombies Game: Android and iOS Game Development with Unity

Consolidate Your Mobile Programming Skills By Creating & Customizing a Game In Unity3D


What's Inside

Kill two birds with one stone, and create mobile apps tailored towards both Android and iOS. You’ll learn to develop games using the Unity game engine, which allows you to do so with minimal code. Walk through instructions to craft a 2D zombies survival game, and conclude your lessons having learned how to design characters, add graphics, animate zombies, and much more.

  • Create a 2D zombies survival game in Unity 5 w/ 5 hours of content
  • Plan & design your game’s characters, map, etc.
  • Configure the game camera to work properly
  • Add background decorating elements
  • Program the game classes
  • Animate, program & duplicate your zombies
  • Program the shooting script, configure lights, add sound effects & more

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Jose Lopez Garcia

Since a child, I have always been amazed about how things called airplanes managed to fly. This strong feeling led me to choose Aerospace Engineering as my career at the age of eighteen. Now, 6 years later, I finished my degree and will get a degree in Web Design, Mobiles Development and of course: Games Development!

I have been a fervent advocate of videogames since a child, too. This guided me through the fascinating process of learning and eventually designing several dozens of 2D videogames. In other words, I consider myself an Indie developer and, in the future, I hope to start my own videogames company (among other businesses I have in mind!)

I really hope my courses help you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. See you out there!

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