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This course dispels all YouTube myths and gives you concrete information and tips to become a YouTube success. Join 3,700+ students who have taken this course and are learning directly from a YouTube instructor how to improve their own channels. All you need to do is learn exactly how YouTube works and employ specific strategies that put your YouTube videos at an advantage. This course is your roadmap to success!

  • Watch 20 lectures & 47 minutes of video content
  • Recognize & dispel YouTube myths
  • Make the most out of the “logged out home page” & “what to watch”
  • Capitalize on subscription feeds
  • Understand factors for ranking high on YouTube
  • See the relationship between YouTube sections & specific metrics
  • Master the search page
  • Improve your YouTube videos

  • User Reviews:

    Daniel - ★★★★★ "Was not expecting the revelations made in this course. Very surprising details exposed about the actual YT ranking system. Eye opening. Highly recommended."

    Adrian Knight - ★★★★★ "I've taken most of the YouTube courses on Udemy and I was pleased to see that this course covered areas that other instructors hadn't."

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    Strife Lim

    Strife Lim has many years of experience in building websites, apps and many other computer softwares. Besides being active in the web development community around the world, Strife has also started several different online businesses to make passive income.

    Like many other entrepreneurs and web developers, Strife's technical skills in coding are self-taught from books, video tutorials, online courses and numerous fun personal web projects.

    Along the way as an entrepreneur, he also happen to take a YouTube certification exam and got himself a YouTube certificate. With his YouTube knowledge, he has guided many different business channels to much success as well.

    Web programming and entrepreneurship has made many things in life possible for Strife and he hopes to pass on his passion and knowledge so that others can join him in gaining the freedom to make their life better.

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