What Would You Do If You Owned Over A Million Articles?

Here’s How To Make Money From These Articles

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What Would You Do If You Owned Over A Million Articles?

Here’s How To Make Money From These Articles:

This is your chance to fully own one million professionally written articles.

Every single article has been carefully researched and then carefully written by professional writers.

Many people have said to me that, in reality, you don't need a million articles.

For example, if you only have a use for 10% of them, that’s 100,000 articles, all making money for you.

And even if you only were to use 1%, that’s still 10,000 articles - and if you only paid a writer $5 (a VERY low amount for a decent writer, of course!) each to research and write them, you’d have to spend $50,000 …

However, here’s the real truth …

You DO need a million articles!

By having full access to 1 million articles, your income can soar once you see all of the money-making opportunities presented to you.

For example, you’re instantly able to:

  • Create enticing newsletters using the content
  • Create your own email autoresponder follow-up series using PLR articles
  • Utilize your blog's content to cultivate a following of dedicated readers
  • Articles should be submitted to article directories with links to affiliate programs that provide a profit
  • In order to increase the number of organic visitors to your website, use PLR articles as search engine food
  • Profit from the sale of your content-heavy website
  • Maintain a profitable membership site
  • Make money from PLR articles by turning them into an online course
  • Build a following on social media, use PLR articles as content
  • Sell PLR articles that have been modified
  • Create a press release with the help of PLR articles
  • Create a directory of your own articles
  • Combine them to create eBooks - and sell them
  • Use them to promote a product you'd like to sell
  • Use them as scripts for video marketing
  • Post them on blogs and forums, thus driving highly targeted traffic to your website
  • Make money from short reports and Kindle books

And much, much, more!

All of the articles are carefully bundled together in easy-to-open zip files.

You have the full rights to treat them as your own.

This means that

  • You can use them as they are (re-write in full, edit a part of each article - or use them without any changes whatsoever)
  • You can sell them to other people
  • You can edit them in any way that you desire
  • You can combine them (to make very detailed books, for example!)
  • You can use them in blogs (to get subscribers and / or to get juicy advertising revenue)
  • You can put your name as the author so that you can position yourself as an authority.
  • You can publish them anywhere (social networks, blogs, websites... There’s no limit.)
  • Use them as a bonus or add more value to your existing products.
  • Use them to get new subscribers by offering them as free gifts

In short, there are no restrictions whatsoever.


You're wondering about the subjects of these million articles, aren’t you?

The simple, open, answer is that there are many thousands of subjects - pretty much everything you can imagine.

Order today for instant access - you can then start making money this evening by selling them as articles … as books … as blog posts … or by getting hordes of new subscribers!

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Alun Hill

As a journalist, I interview some of the world's most successful (and secretive!) business people - and I reveal all in my courses!

The best way to learn is always to Learn From The Experts!

My CV:

Business and Travel Writing and Broadcasting:

I started my broadcasting career with the BBC when I was a mere British Grammar Schoolboy. I co-hosted a weekly radio show devoted to children, the first of its kind, in what has since become known as the "zoo format". I have since broadcast on many stations around the world, on both TV and Radio.

Business Journalism:

I wrote and filmed on business for a range of publications and websites, internationally as well as for CNN TV - with an emphasis on marketing and business growth. I also produce radio reports from my own fully equipped home studio, which are syndicated worldwide.


Retired: Chartered Institute of Journalists

I recently retired as Council Member, Chair of Pensions and International Members Division, Member of Pensions Committee and of the Professional Practices Board.

The Chartered Institute of Journalists is the oldest professional body for Journalists in the world. It was founded in 1884 and six years later was granted its Royal Charter by Queen Victoria, to “protect and serve those employed in the field of journalism”.

The Institute combines the role of professional society with that of a trade union.

Retired: British Association of Journalists

"Journalists are the watchdogs of the public. We do a superb job spreading truth and knowledge, defending justice, democracy and fair play, exposing wrong-doing and seeking to make the world a better place".

Member: The Media Society, London

"We aim to provoke, inspire, surprise, educate and entertain. Come to one of our events to find out who we are and what we're all about. We're a charity, proud of our diverse membership and the work we do to help student journalists.

We play a leading role in the wider debate about a variety of media issues that matter both to our members and to society at large".

Member: The Foreign Press Association

"The FPA was founded in 1888 and is the only association of its kind in the UK.

Politically non-aligned, the FPA is one of the oldest clubs for foreign correspondents in the world. The FPA is a member of the UK Press Card Authority and provides accreditation to more than 1500 journalists every year, representing all media from news agencies to print, broadcast and internet".

Member: The Royal Commonwealth Society, London

"The Royal Commonwealth Society is an international education charity. With a remit to promote international understanding across the Commonwealth, especially among young people, the RCS has an impressive portfolio of charitable activities.

Our Young Commonwealth Competitions encourage thousands of young people to respond to global challenges through annual creative writing and photography".

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