The Ultimate Microsoft Project 2013 Training Bundle

Learn to use Microsoft Project and ensure your next project is successful! Get 19 hours of training.

What's Inside

Microsoft Project is an invaluable tool to help managers take control of their projects, keeping to deadlines and budgets while delivering high quality work. By helping you to visualize and manage your project variables, you’ll be able to keep track of every last detail.

Despite how powerful it is, few managers know how to use Microsoft Project to its full potential, which is where our Ultimate Microsoft Project 2013 Training Bundle comes in. Walking you through the basics and the more advanced elements of the software, it’ll leave you equipped to be the best manager that you can be - perfect for that next promotion.

This bundle includes:

  • 19 hours of video tutorials
  • 100+ individual video lectures
  • Optional quiz with 95 test questions
  • Certificate of completion
  • 400+ pages of video transcripts
  • 19 hours of downloadable MP3 audio files

Courses included with this bundle:

Learn Microsoft Project 2013

In this class, you’ll become an expert at developing and managing projects inside this key project management tool. Your professional instructor will give you the inside track on creating and managing tasks, allocating resources, defining deadlines, maximizing calendars, and more.

Starting with the basics, you’ll discover how to design a custom project and use templates. Next, you’ll see how to integrate your data and turn it into a compelling report. You’ll then get useful tips for solving tricky Gantt Chart problems by learning to trace task paths. To help you strategize more efficiently with your team, you’ll also explore the handy Lync 2010 feature which allows you to communicate with others directly inside the Project 2013 interface. You’ll then discover the best ways for exporting your work to other Microsoft programs as well as for sharing information in online meetings and via the cloud.Includes exercise files.

Learn Microsoft Project 2013 - Advanced

The Learn Microsoft Project 2013 Advanced training is built around simplifying your life and helping your project succeed. Ideal for those seeking to enhance their Project knowledge, this training course provides 9 full hours of expert quality training.

Project planning and management is both an art AND a science. And we cover both sides in this latest course. Without the right tools, it can become overwhelming. That’s why, in this course, your trainer will present the advanced project management features Microsoft Project has to offer.

Get ready to take your project management skills to the next level as you:

  • Discover effective methods for sharing resources.
  • See how to create and run effective project reports.
  • Find out about cost management.
  • Explore the use of earned value analysis for your project.
  • Discover advanced options for customizing your workspace.
  • Dive into options for consolidating and splitting projects.

The time invested in this course is invaluable because you’re taught the macro and micro view of a project and how to track it all. Includes exercise files.

What people are saying:

“I was a constant user of MS Project 2007 and was trying to make the leap into MS Project 2013. This course provided a great foundation from which to get comfortable with the new layout of the software plus to utilize the enhanced functionality."

- J. Humphrey

“Everything are well explained, enrich with practice files ready to play along. Starting with the basics up to tricky Gantt Chart problems and more.”

- Arif N.

"Simon Sez IT is one of the best resources if you are looking for Microsoft Office tutorials."


"I had no knowledge in MS project before I started
this course and now I'm quite confident enough to use
it. Overall, this is a great course; many topics are
covered; steps are easy to follow; explanations are
clear. I highly recommend this course to people who
need to use MS Project 2013."

- Wing Yan Yeung

"I enjoyed this course and look forward to diving into the advanced course next."

- Brian Lee Marney

I started this course knowing very little about Project. I'm only half way done with the course and I have already learned so much. It is organized well and flows nicely. I never feel overwhelmed. I like how I can always go back and review anything I want. Overall, this course is well done!

- Nathan Braithwaite

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