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What's Inside

What you get:

  • 5 hardcore 20 minute total body workouts

What you need:

  • No equipment. No excuses.
    • All You need is an Internet connection and a towel to wipe up your sweat!

The results?

  • You will complete these videos in 20 days if you want to:
    1. Build lean muscle
    2. Lose weight
    3. Get a strong core!

Does it work?

  • We'll let the press speak to that

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52530+ Students
5 Lectures
1+ Hours of Video
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Todd McCullough

Former University of Florida Football Player turned Yogi is here to help you get in a positive mindset each day. Todd merges athletic training with the healing benefits of yoga for the ultimate home workout. His signature TMAC 20 Workouts will get you in great shape and help you be in a positive mindset every day. The secret to the TMAC 20 Workouts is a brief meditation at the end of each workout to allow your nervous system to switch over to a relaxed and confident mindset. Join Todd and thousands of others that make a choice each day to live a healthy and happy life.

*ACE Certified Personal Trainer
*Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Works

TMAC 20: 20 Minute Workouts. No Equipment. No Excuses.

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