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Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist
Ultimate guitar lessons course. 26 hours. Chords, strumming & rhythm, scales & soloing, arpeggios, theory, & more!
Jazz for the Curious Guitarist
Complete jazz guitar lessons course. Extended & altered jazz guitar theory, chords, scales, & arpeggios. All levels.
Ear Training for the Curious Guitarist
Ear training & relative pitch course for the guitar. Identify all 12 pitches by ear. Hear music & know the changes.
Blues for the Curious Guitarist
Complete blues guitar course. Major & minor 12-bar blues, chords, strumming, soloing, blues theory, & six songs.
Strumming for the Curious Guitarist
Rhythm guitar & strumming course. All levels. Count, tap, read, write, strum, & pick your way to awesome guitar rhythm!
Guitar Jam Method
Advanced guitar course. Use all your guitar skills to jam. Combine chords, modes, arpeggios, technique, & rhythm.
Guitar Technique
The ultimate guitar technique course. Slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, fret-tapping, sweep picking, & harmonics!
Bluegrass for the Curious Guitarist
Complete bluegrass guitar course. Bluegrass strumming & scales. Chords, lead melodies, & 10 standard bluegrass songs!
Beginner Guitar Lessons Crash Course
Fast beginner guitar lessons course. Get up-to-speed in a hurry! Chords, tabs, soloing, theory, & strumming.

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