The Complete SwiftUI Developer Course

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This course is taught by Atil Samancioglu and Codestars.

Build real apps like WhatsApp Clone & Catch The Kenny game with SwiftUI and learn creating stunning user interfaces!

What you'll learn
  1. SwiftUI
  2. Building fantastic user interfaces with the latest technology for iOS apps

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Hi! I'm Rob. I have a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University and you might call me a bit of coding geek.

After building websites for friends and family for fun, I soon learned that web development was a very lucrative career choice. I gave up my successful (and sometimes stressful) job as a teacher to work part time and today, couldn't be happier.

I'm passionate about teaching kids to code, so every summer I run Code School in the beautiful city of Cambridge. I also run the popular web hosting and design service, Eco Web Hosting which leaves me free to share my secrets with people like you.

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