Build 20 Apps: iOS 9 & Xcode 7 Guide

Everything You Need to Build iOS 9 Apps: Code in Swift & Objective-C, Master UI Design, and More


What's Inside

You can spend all the time in the world learning the theory behind coding apps, but the most effective path towards mastery? Getting your hands dirty building real, working apps. This course walks you through the essentials: programming in Objective-C and Swift, using the Xcode IDE, and much more. You’ll apply those lessons in creating 20 iOS 9 apps throughout the course—a giant step towards building the next hot app to light up the iTunes Store leaderboard.

  • Build 20 iOS apps using Objective-C & Swift 2
  • Create a wide range of apps: simple games, random value generators, etc.
  • Develop your apps within the Xcode IDE
  • Purchase a developer’s license, create an app ID, build on the iOS simulator & more
  • Master all objects, actions & outlets possible in app development: displaying text, using if statements, detecting shake gestures, etc.
  • Customize apps w/ visuals, audio, social media integration & more
  • Effectively monetize through ad integration
  • Publish your app to the App Store

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Xcode, Interface Builder, Simulator and Project Types
  • Objective-C: Full guide to creating full featured apps
  • Swift 2: Get to know the new updated language
  • Create 20 real applications in both languages
  • All Objects, Actions and Outlets possible in App Development
  • Social Integration: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and more
  • Storyboards and nib Files
  • Universal Support and Screen Size Support
  • Images and Sounds Integration
  • Full Featured Apps
  • Saving and Loading: From text to data
  • Earning Revenue Ad Networks
  • Fun and Simple Games
  • Full In App Purchase Support
  • Core Data Applications
  • Camera Support Applications
  • App Store Submission and Update Support

Course Curriculum

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Aaron Caines

Aaron Caines is the founder of Geeky Lemon Development, he started programming at a young age and has been programming full time and teaching for the past 8 Years online becoming a best seller in his field, Aaron has also created a vast amount of applications for brands, companies and just for fun!

Aaron is very passionate about teaching and coding, he finds great satisfaction from helping developers and providing the very best tool set to help them reach their goals.

Aaron's expertise come in Photoshop, Xcode, Objective-C and Swift 4.

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