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Part 3: Casual Sports Games

What's Inside

About this Course Bundle

Take the next big step in honing your game development skills with 5 courses on cloning popular casual sports games for iOS, ranging from Swing Copters to Jumpy Skating. Continue mastering the skills you've established in earlier courses, tricking out your app portfolio, and publishing real games that people will download and play.

Course Goals:

  • Use source code to easily build workable games
  • Learn to develop games using Xcode & Objective-C
  • Replicate top-ranked iOS games
  • Source & create game graphics
  • Publish fully functional apps to the iTunes app store
  • Earn passive income through ad channels & in-app purchases
  • Create variations of games w/ different themes to increase your revenue stream
  • Earn your Apple developer's license

Part 3 Course List:

Course 11) Make Your Own "Jellow" iPhone Game
Course 12)Create Your Own "Swing Copters" Game for iOS
Course 13) Build a "Super Ball Juggling" iOS Game Clone
Course 14) Create a "Jumpy Skating" iOS Game Clone
Course 15) Make an iPhone "Brick-Breaker" Arcade Game

Courses Included with Purchase

Build a "Super Ball Juggling" iOS Game Clone
Everything you need to build your own "Super Ball Juggling" game clone.
Create a "Jumpy Skating" iOS Game Clone
Learn how to make a top-rated game clone and jumpstart your app development career.
Create your own Swing Copters* game for iOS
Make Your Own "Jellow" iPhone Game
Learn the Jelly Flow template step-by-step before you publish your own game.
Make an iPhone Arcade Brick-Breaker Game
No coding skills required to create and publish your own game.

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