Survival Game Player Mechanics for Beginners

Start building survival games by learning key mechanics for first-person players and environment setup.

What's Inside

This course includes downloadable project files.

Learn to build survival games in Unity – starting with the player and environment! You’ll explore fundamental mechanics such as movement, needs, health, and a day-night cycle as you construct the beginnings of your very own survival game. Not only will you master base mechanics needed for just about any survival game, but you’ll gain skills that you can apply to other genres and game projects as well!

You will learn how to:

  • Implement basic player movement
  • Set up a first-person camera
  • Create a needs system for hunger, thirst, and sleep
  • Manage health with damage indicators
  • Build a basic 3D terrain
  • Control lighting to mimic a day-night cycle


  • A basic understanding of Unity and C#.

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