SQL for Marketers

Learn How to Write SQL Queries & Conduct Data Analysis

What's Inside

Take your marketing skills to new heights by mastering technical SQL data analysis. SQLallows you to better understand customer behavior so you can create targeted, data-driven marketing strategies. Marketers are not required to have the same SQL know-how as SQLdevelopers, which is why this course focuses on the skills you need to be an in-demand technical marketer.

  • Learn marketing SQL techniques w/ over 41 lectures & 4 hours of content
  • Learn the initial setup process & basic concepts
  • Study the six components that make up every SQL query
  • Use SQL to query any database
  • Get pre-built queries to extract info about your users
  • Learn to find your most profitable users
  • Run a cohort analysis

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Justin Mares

Justin Mares formerly ran growth at developer tools company Exceptional (acquired by Rackspace in March of 2013). While there, he taught himself how to become a technical marketer and use tools like SQL to run important analyses on customer data. He is also the co-author of Traction Book, which details how startups can get traction, and founded e-commerce company Kettle & Fire (which hit a multi-million dollar run rate in just a few months).

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