Ultimate SQL Bootcamp

Learn the Most In-Demand Data Skill for Technical & Non-Technical Professionals with 60+ Hours of Training

What's Inside

We live in the era of data overload, and no matter if you're a marketer or developer, possessing the skills to manage and analyze data will make you even more successful. This bundle includes absolute beginner to extremely advanced courses, and dives into other tools and techniques that will make you the data master of any team.

Courses Included with Purchase

SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL with MySQL Database
Learn SQL & Database Development with the Experts
SQL Database MasterClass: Go from Pupil to Master
Get Immediate Hands-On Experience Working with Databases
Complete WAMP & MySQL Course
Install WAMP & MySQL - Then Use the Tools Together to Create a Database
SQL for Marketers
Learn How to Write SQL Queries & Conduct Data Analysis
An Introduction to MySQL Database Development
A Practical “How-To" Approach to Working with MySQL
SQL Database for Beginners
Master SQL Database Creation & Development with Guru Martin Holzke
Learn PHP and MySQL Development From Scratch
Learn PHP and MySQL Development From Scratch
From 0 to 1: Heavy Lifting with SQL & Databases
Become a SQL Pro -- Conduct Exercises Using MySQL & SQLite
A SQL Server, ASP.NET, CSS, C# & jQuery Course
Combine the Power of Various Technologies to Produce Engaging Web-Based Software

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