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Raspberry Pi is a compact computer developed by leading computer science educators to help people of all ages explore computing and learn how to program. Simply plug it into a monitor or TV, attach a mouse and keyboard, and you may use it like a standard desktop computer. Or, as you become more proficient, you may use Raspberry Pi to build projects from music makers to weather stations all from a central hub.

  • Connect to the internet right out of the box--there are no additional peripherals needed to make it wireless
  • Own a Raspberry Pi 2 already? Almost all of your previous accessories are compatible with the 3
  • Access the Raspberry Pi forum for new demo codes or tutorials
  • Learn to code in Python & Scratch
  • Make STEM education for yourself or your kids more fun than ever!

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Wolf Donat

Hi, I'm Wolf. I'm a computer engineer who specializes in robotics, computer vision, and embedded systems. I am a huge fan of the Raspberry Pi minicomputer because of the versatility and power that it packs into an extremely inexpensive package, making it accessible to nearly everybody who wants to learn. I've worked with it as both a professional and a hobbyist, and I really enjoy teaching others to use it.

I've written more than a few books and created a few courses, and I've received funding in the past from NASA for some work in autonomous submersibles. Try out the Raspberry Pi with me - I think you'll be glad you did!

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