Rapid Flask

Effectively Create Apps with Minimal Coding with This Python-Based Framework


What's Inside

Delve into all things Flask, a micro framework that lets you utilize Python’s power and simplicity. You’ll be able to quickly and easily develop any website or web app imaginable, and with minimal coding at that. By the time you finish this course, you will have not only mastered web development and especially Python fundamentals, but also have cemented your knowledge by creating a fully functional app.

  • Master web development using Flask w/ 42 minutes of content
  • Utilize familiar Python syntax that makes developing with Flask easy
  • Establish better client-server communication for your apps
  • Combine Python logic w/ HTML view code to get better flexibility in your apps
  • Enhance your app’s utility by establishing methods for client input
  • Easily control web APIs to combine data in useful ways
  • Integrate attractive CSS elements to make your apps look great
  • Create personalized user experiences w/ cookies & more

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