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This in-depth course provides a thorough introduction to web application development using the Rails framework. Why Ruby on Rails? Since its introduction, it’s rapidly become one of the most powerful tools available. It’s even used by top sites like Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, Github, Groupon, Hulu, Airbnb, and many more. This course takes an extremely hands-on approach, even the code you’ll use is created from scratch, limiting the use of shortcuts and generators. You’ll dive right in and use a pre-configured Ruby on Rails development environment to master essential skills.

  • Practice & understand the fundamentals w/ 94 lectures & 15+ hours of content
  • Study Rails 4 using cloud-based Integrated Development Environment
  • Work w/ Git for version control & GitHub as a code repository
  • Study Rails MVC structure in-depth: models, views & controllers
  • Conceptualize & design using wireframing tools
  • Building an authentication system using default Rails stack: admin feature, log in/logout & signup
  • Work w/ Bootstrap for UI, Amazon Web Services for file/image hosting, file uploaders, Gravatars
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) for certain features using Minitest
  • Study model & non-model backed forms, implementing like/dislike voting feature
  • Learn migrations, one-to-many & many-to-many associations

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Mashrur Hossain

Hi, I'm Mashrur, I'm a full-time programming trainer specializing in Web Application Development, Machine Learning and Cyber Security. That's 3; I know, but I love them all. I have been a technology professional for over a decade and have degrees in Computer Science and Economics.

My niche is building comprehensive career focused technology courses for students entering new/complex and challenging fields in today's technology space. This is a nice segway for me, since my real passion is building and tinkering with programming languages. I love everything to do with development and learning about new tools and technologies. My favorite languages are Ruby on Rails and Python, and my favorite tech fields are web app development, cyber security and data-analytics (which is where Ruby on Rails and Python fall into place nicely). I encourage my students to focus on these technologies as well since their potential is immense.

In my past (corporate) life, I worked with Enterprise Software Systems with roles played in analysis, development and management. I led projects using both agile and waterfall methodologies and thus am well versed in the inner workings of the software development and delivery world.

During my time in corporate America, I realized how much I enjoyed training new hires and new team members and helping them succeed. I had dedicated a good amount of time over 7 years on-boarding new analysts and developers and then worked with them to build and maintain systems which put me in a very unique position of knowing what new entrants to a field need to succeed. I strongly believe in focusing on fundamentals and practice; and not in shortcuts or gimmicks.

So join me for my comprehensive career-focused technology courses as I guide you through the world of web application development, machine learning, cyber security and data-analytics using Python, Ruby on Rails, Flask, MySQL, Selenium and Django and bringing your ideas and passions to life.

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