PHP & MySQL Web Development From Scratch - Build 5 Projects

Develop Coding & Database Skills w/ the Largest Open Source Solutions on the Web


What's Inside

Get to know two open source, free-to-use solutions – PHP and MySQL – with instruction from the expert instructor. PHP allows you to connect to and manipulate databases, and MySQL is an extremely popular database system used with PHP – together creating the perfect storm. You’ll walk through the exact process of using both programs in order to master a variety of PHP functions and MySQLi (an enhanced version of MySQL) queries. It’s the perfect stepping stone to eventually working as a well-rounded professional web application developer.

  • Learn PHP & MySQL w/ 8 hours of content & 56 lectures
  • Study beginner PHP functions & commands to advanced
  • Build a foundation w/ some of the most popular languages on the Web
  • Complete projects targeted for e-commerce websites
  • Write PHP code that interacts w/ a MySQL database
  • Get an introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • Create a calculator, currency converter, registration form & online voting system

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Abdul Wali is an SEO expert and commercial blogger with 10 years of experience. Abdul's expertise is in Search Engine Optimization and Google's new updates. He loves to teach new SEO strategies and how to bring organic traffic to all types of websites. Let's learn something useful.

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