Complete WAMP & MySQL Course

Install WAMP & MySQL - Then Use the Tools Together to Create a Database

What's Inside

You may have heard the term LAMP, and WAMP is an equivalent Web stack for Windows operating systems. Together, Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP become the canvas on which amazing apps are developed. This course will teach you to create a database usingWAMP and SQL so that you will be able to manage extremely large amounts of data with ease.

  • Create a database using WAMP & SQL w/ 46 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Design a complex database for any line of business application
  • Write complex SQL statements
  • Manipulate a massive amount of data in milliseconds
  • Understand what a relational database is
  • Understand primary & foreign keys
  • Study SQL statements, views, stored procedures, triggers & user-defined functions
  • Install WAMP & MySQL

Course Curriculum

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Bill Sims

I have spent my life teaching others how to be better developers and master the art that is Software Engineering.

I have designed many Enterprise level applications as well as IOS and Android Applications. The skills I teach in my courses is the same skills that I use every day to do everything from running my teams to consulting on Enterprise level projects.

In my career I have found classes like this to be helpful in advancing my career and I wanted to make courses for people that really showed you end to end classes that weren't as simple as "Hello World". My goal as an instructor is to drive you to the next level in your careers, and if you want to do that, it takes 3 things. Knowledge, Leadership, Ingenuity. These are the 3 skills that i have used to take my career to the next level.

I have also been a father for 9 years. Throughout those years I have learned so much about myself and raising children. I have been on both sides of the fence from raising step-children and now raising my own son. It has been the experience of a lifetime and I would love to share any of my experiences with you so that you don't have to go through all the same learning curves that I did.

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