MongoDB 3.2 Fundamentals for Developers

Master the Most Popular NoSQL Database in the World with Hands-On Exercises


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Thanks to advancements in technology, companies now deal with extremely large sets of data. But this can also prove problematic when it comes to actually managing and analyzing it. That’s where NoSQL database solutions come in. They’re extremely popular in today’s tech world, and helpful in managing huge volumes of data quickly and easily. In this course, you’ll get a full introduction to MongoDB, the world’s most popular NoSQL database solution.

  • Learn basic concepts of MongoDB w/ 22 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • Practice w/ extremely useful case studies
  • Improve your querying skills
  • Study database design patterns & learn to build your own database
  • Study basic operations in MongoDB

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Emre Şavklı

I am a software developer and instructor.

I have been working in a vocational high school over 8 years. I also develop small and medium sized bussiness projects with .NET technologies,like C#.NET,ASP. NET, SQL Server, and WCF, around 10 years.

Furthermore,over 5 years experience on XML, JSon Data, AJAX technologies in more projects.

Recently, I've published a book about Entity Framework 5.0.

I have education of master degree in Management Information Systems(MIS) for 2 years.

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