MongoDB Data Master Bootcamp

Handle Data Like a Pro When You Master This Versatile NoSQL Database: 7 Courses, 40+ Hours of Training

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The importance of data is only increasing--and we need faster, better ways to manage and analyze it. MongoDB makes dealing with data more efficient by allowing data structures to be more flexible, and developer-friendly. Learn to use this essential piece of technology and watch your career reap the benefits today!

Courses Included with Purchase

MongoDB Object-Document Mapper for NodeJS Apps
Study the Mongoose Library & Start Using Node.js with MongoDB
Learn MongoDB from Scratch: The Leading NoSQL Database
Understand Concepts for Building MongoDB-Based Applications
MongoDB 3.2 Fundamentals for Developers
Master the Most Popular NoSQL Database in the World with Hands-On Exercises
Projects in MongoDB: Learn MongoDB Building 10 Projects
Explore the World's Most Popular Cross Platform NoSQL Database
Node Program: From 0 to Hero with Nodejs and MongoDB
Comprehensive Course on MongoDB & Data Modeling
Quickly & Easily Gain Complete Proficiency in MongoDB
Learn Database Design Using MongoDB from Scratch
Enter a Whole New World of Cutting-Edge Big Data Systems

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