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Considering how many people browse the Web on a mobile device, and how many different phones and tablets exist on the market—it’s imperative for you learn mobile-first, responsive Web design. Ensure your websites and apps look great on any device by mastering use of fluid grids, adding responsive features like carousels, and much more.

  • Understand what responsive design is & why it’s important w/ 5 hours of content
  • Work w/ fluid grids to craft responsive web pages
  • Build your website by wireframing designs, configuring site organization & more
  • Use jQuery plugins to implement responsive carousels & social share buttons
  • Use CSS Flexbox to easily map out & build responsive layouts
  • Utilize the Bootstrap framework, jQuery Mobile & more
  • Optimize your site’s images so that they conform to the needs of a responsive website

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Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon is a web developer and online teacher. He is passionate about his work, as well as teaching others about it, and has started various online and offline businesses. He was personally motivated to become his own boss and have more freedom and flexibility in his life. He built his first website back in 1999, back when the Internet was first beginning to popularize in usage.

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