A SQL Server, ASP.NET, CSS, C# & jQuery Course

Combine the Power of Various Technologies to Produce Engaging Web-Based Software

What's Inside

Why is it beneficial to learn SQL, SQL Server, and Visual Studio? To build applications today, a programmer must know how to combine the power of various technologies to produce next level software. The focus of this course is SQL, but along the way, you’ll also learn to use Microsoft Visual Studio and build a real dashboard system powered by SQL, C#, AJAX,CSS, HTML, and jQuery. Enroll today, and learn how to give yourself a great competitive advantage in the job market.

  • Learn essential technologies w/ 86 lectures & 18 hours of instruction
  • Learn to write queries w/ Microsoft Management Studio & Microsoft Visual Studio Query Editor
  • Create database-connected web pages using SQL & XML Data Sources
  • Get color PDF’s for many of the lessons for easy reference
  • Learn the basics of database connecting code using C#
  • Get exposure to modern language features like Lag/Lead
  • Build a dashboard system w/ SQL Server, ASP Web Forms, C# & jQuery
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