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What's Inside

How’s this for a twofer? Here, you’ll learn not only to utilize the Game Maker program, but also build a solid foundation from which to expand your general programming skills. You’ll be walked through the process of creating a maze game, and will master the nitty-gritty of using variables, if-else statements, for loops, and more—all highly technical concepts at face value, but nothing you won’t be able to handle.

  • Develop games using the Game Maker Language w/ 3.5 hours of content
  • Master GML fundamentals: change & customize themes, import sprites, etc.
  • Utilize variables, if-else statements, for loops, arrays, etc.
  • Set up a main menu, animate players, configure a game over screen, etc.
  • Create a maze game by course’s end
  • Understand concepts transferrable to future game development & programming projects

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