Learn Google Go - Golang Programming for Beginners

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Learn fundamentals of programming in the Go language

This course teaches the fundamentals of programming in the Go language. Go is a language suitable for a wide variety of tasks, from systems programming to writing web servers. In this course, we’ll learn the syntax of Go, but more importantly, how to “think in Go.” While many tasks can be performed in the same ways as they are done in other programming languages, there is usually a more streamlined solution offered by Go, and that’s what we’re here to learn.

This 3-hour course is divided into four units. Topics include:

- Installing Go and verifying the installation
- Finding package documentation
- Data types and program structure
- Functions
- Loops and conditional statements
- Arrays and slices
- Maps
- Structures and pointers
- New vs. Make
- Reference types and value types
- Buffered input and output
- Initialization
- Function types and closures
- Interfaces

I hope you join me for this exciting look into one of the most powerful and elegant languages there is!

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