LabVIEW & Smart Devices Connections

LabVIEW & Smart Devices Connections by Data Dashboard


What's Inside

Data Dashboard has a graphical approach which means you can program the way you think. It enables you to control, measure & monitor any device and sensor online from around the world. Also, Projects which developed on data dashboard can be shared or run on your ios/ Andriod and windows.

LabVIEW & Smart Devices Connections by Data Dashboard, helps you connect LabVIEW to your smart device, work with different data and make applicative projects in order to have smart houses, factories and environment.

In this course we have explained Data Dashboard application in detailed. So you will be able to design your program wirelessly and professionally.

in short,this course students learn:

  • How to connect Labview to smart devices
  • How to work and launch different sensors from your smart devices
  • How to share data from both Data Dashboard and LabVIEW.
  • How to make houses, workplaces and environment smart

    Who is the target audience?

Students, researchers and engineers in the field of mechanics of electronics, robotics, mechatronics, industries, medicine, production managers and ... industrial automation Programming enthusiasts

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Milad Ahmadi*

MA of electronics and certificate of National Instrument (NI) in programming. EFL teacher and translator. MATLAB Programmer. Also I have done many projects. Despite of that, I have taught LabVIEW from fundamental to advanced since 2012 and have worked in the following fields:


Altium designer (Designing PCB)

AVR and ARM microcontroller programming

Designing Analogs and Digital electronic

Simulation and Modeling of multiple systems in the MATLAB Simulink environment

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