The Complete Crowdfunding Course

Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign

What's Inside

Do you have a great idea but need capital to make it happen?

Have you struggled to get funding for your idea?

Or wary about giving away too much equity?

Then crowdfunding might just be the right path for you.

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In July 2016, we embarked on a 28-day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for our online learning platform for entrepreneurs.

In just 28 days, we raised over $75,000 from 1000+ backers in return for ZERO equity.

how to successfully crowdfund on kickstarter

We want to share with you how we did it and distill 3 months of research into this course so you can successfully crowdfund your idea.

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So join our founder and Computer Weekly's rising star of UK Technology, Dr Angela Yu and learn about:

  • How do crowdfunding sites work
  • How to start a snowball effect in pledges
  • What projects are best suited for crowdfunding
  • The best tools to promote your crowdfunding project
  • Which crowdfunding site to choose for your project
  • How to get press for your crowdfunding campaign
  • Getting featured on the crowdfunding site
  • Crowdfunding referral sites and are they worth it
  • What is the ranking algorithm to get organic traffic for your project

and much much more.

If you're thinking of doing a crowdfunding campaign or looking to raise funding for your startup then don't miss out. Take this opportunity to get advice and learn all of our tips, tricks and tools.

Course Curriculum

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London App Brewery

Learn to build iOS and Android apps from beginning to end. Our curriculum is designed for entrepreneurs who want to turn their app idea into reality. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to become a successful app entrepreneur with your app business. The course curriculum includes:

  • Idea validation - how to test to see if your idea has traction
  • Setting up an app business
  • App design using wireframes and prototypes
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design
  • App programming for iOS and Android
  • App growth hacking skills to get downloads on the App Stores
  • How to get featured on the app stores
  • How to get press for your app
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