JavaScript Programming Complete

The Easiest way to learn JS. A practical tutorial that builds real world mini Projects/Apps in JavaScript from Scratch.

What's Inside

JavaScript is very powerful programming client side language that added a life into modern websites and hardware equipments . it is the Essential language that modern developers need to know. That's why i have created this Amazing elite class course where you will use these technologies to create actual projects and will learn their usage in real world.Truly knowing JavaScript will get you a job, and enable you to build quality web and server applications.

This course is for Absolute Beginners OR Web Designers ( who dont know anything about JS) or Students who never created a single project in Javascript. This course will teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand what JavaScript is, learn how JavaScript works, and how to implement it in your web from scratch

We will start from ground level, and we will move towards tip of The Mount Everest i mean some real time Projects. In this course we will look at everything from scratch

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Complete code exercises
  • Professional skills to build Powerful, Beautiful websites.
  • From Complete scratch to a fully functional powerful Projects.
  • Complete project that will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Java Script.
  • Best coding editors
  • Start applying your learned skills in the real world.
  • Instructor Availability 24/7 .
  • Earn Certification that is Proof of your Competence from Udemy after Completing this course

What are the requirements?

  • No Requirements at all!! i will show you everything from scratch. You dont have to worry.
  • Any computer will do . (Windows, Mac, PC or Linux)
  • Passion to learn exciting new skills
  • You don’t need to buy any software.
  • Student Should have basic knowledge of html and css (just basic)
  • <html>









<h1> Javascript</h1>



What is the target audience?

  • Complete Beginners who want to learn JS,
  • Non-programmers who find development attractive and dont know where to start
  • Students with some knowledge about JS, who struggle to make a Professional Project
  • Designers who want to implement java script in their web
  • Bloggers
  • Aspiring Web Designers
  • People who desire a new career path

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Jazeb Akram

Jazeb Akram is a Data Scientist and has been working as a Developer consultant previously. He has been working as a Freelancer since 2011. He designed various Applications for many companies and also training individuals on development tools and languages. Jazeb Also has a university degree in computer science from the University of the Punjab, Pakistan, and a master's degree in Data Science from Western Sydney University, Australia.

You can read his full portfolio on his website jazebakram

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