Intro to Coding with Python Turtle

Learn coding and algorithm basics with Python Turtle

What's Inside

This course includes downloadable project files.

Learn the basics of coding with Python!

All software – including games, apps, websites, and more – is essentially designed to follow instructions. We refer to these instructions as coding, and the order and rules that they follow as algorithms.

This course will explore these important concepts through Python Turtle. The Turtle library allows you to issue commands to a “turtle” and have the turtle follow them as if it were a pen drawing on paper. You can use it to draw various shapes, fill them in, change their colors, and more – all through easy-to-use programming commands. You’ll also learn how to structure these commands as an algorithm to create a digital picture of a solar system.

No matter what you want to use coding for, the skills you’ll learn will form strong foundations for any project that you’ll create.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand what programming is
  • Move the turtle to draw shapes
  • Change shape and background colors
  • Control shape fill and spacing
  • Define and design algorithms
  • Implement algorithms with programming

… and more!


  • No prior programming knowledge is required.

This course is closed for enrollment.

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