Intermediate iOS 9 Programming

Use Swift & Xcode to Advance Your iOS Development Prowess


What's Inside

Coding for iOS requires some special knowledge that you can't necessarily get from other programming experience. This course aims to help you understand the peculiarities of coding for Apple products by creating native iPhone and iPad apps using Xcode and Swift. Knowing these specific Apple tools will give you a better shot at scoring high-paying development jobs or developing your own projects for the Apple Store.

  • Access 58 lectures & 6 hours of content
  • Write apps that use GPS, social networking, remote data & in-app purchases
  • Learn all of the iOS 9 updates & changes
  • Supplement your existing programming skills w/ a higher level of iOS programming
  • Discover Xcode, an Integrated Development Environment used to build apps for Apple devices
  • Use Swift, a multi-paradigm programming language created specifically for Apple

Course Curriculum

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