Innovators and innovation: Travel through time!

A visually rich course on lives of innovators and innovations which led to the industrial revolution

What's Inside

Ever wondered how and why machines were invented? Are you curious on what went into creating the very machines that led to the industrial revolution? What were the life stories of the greatest innovators of the pre-industrial society?

Then this course is perfect for you!

This course is a journey through time exploring the lives of 13 innovators and the working of 13 innovations in the 18th century with rich, visually attractive illustrations, comic strips and more.

Pre-industrial Society: We will explore the society, the aspects of life, occupations, before there were any machines, mechanisation or mass production. This course will talk in detail about the pain-points of the society which triggered the brains of the innovators.

Who started it all: We will focus on the two biggest innovation of the industrial revolution. The steam engine and the spinning jenny. We will travel through the 17th and 18th century following the life story of 13 innovators:

Hero of Alexandria, Denis Papin, Thomas Savery, Thomas Newcomen, James Watt, Richard Trevithick, George Stephenson, Charles Parsons, James Hargreaves, Richard Arkwright, Samuel Crompton, Edmund Cartwright, Joseph Marie Jacquard.

All their stories are very inspirational. We will get many life lessons from the stories.

First machines, first factory: The course will explain in a plain, simple, visual way, the parts and working mechanism of 13 innovations:

First vending machine, first wind powered machine, Aeolipile, Steam Digester, Savery Engine, Newcomen Engine, Watt Steam Engine, Steam Locomotive, Spinning Jenny, Water Frame, Spinning Mule, Cartwright Power Loom, Jacquard Loom.

We will check out the first factory in the world.

Its all connected: All inventions are connected. One invention's drawbacks triggers another invention. Capabilities of one invention makes another invention possible. This course covers a proper structural evolution of the innovations, the causes, effects and impact on society.

Who can take this course: This course is for everyone - you don't need to know anything in mechanics or engineering.

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