You have tried your hands on several IELTS Reading tests, but you were just a point or two away from scoring the desired score.

You have put your most exceptional learning skills in IELTS Reading but still lacking somewhere?

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. I get it that you don’t want to lose a single point and bag the best score in IELTS Reading. It’s evident because IELTS is a life-changing exam and the Reading test of IELTS always seems tough!

In IELTS Reading, with reading almost 2750 words, there are 14 question types, and each has a separate way and different strategies to find the correct answer.

The IELTS Masterclass: IELTS Reading Question Types is a precisely crafted course to help you with the best skills, strategies and approach to attempt all the types of reading question types. One of the most detailed courses, this course is really useful to excel the Reading Task of IELTS for both Academic and General Training modules.

This course will introduce you to all the question types IELTS Reading can ever have and help you with some of the best tricks and strategies to bring back those lost marks while you are reading.

What is IELTS Masterclass: IELTS Reading (Tips and Strategies) course about?

  • Introduction to question types in IELTS Reading
  • Steps to solve each question type
  • Strategies to confine losing marks
  • Tips for managing time

After completing this course, what will you be able to successfully do?

  • Read between the lines to find the correct answer
  • Apply the structured approach in each question type
  • Understand which step to skip in which type to manage time
  • Avoid re-reading the unnecessary information
  • precisely read each of the passages
  • find the flagship sentences
  • extract the main idea
  • follow the scaffolding of the passages
  • understand the framework of the passages
  • identify the opinion or the writer’s perspective
  • comprehend writer’s gist or the conclusion
  • And much more!

Do not expect to have examples solved here. This course will definitely help you if you want to take your learnings one level up to bag more than the expected score.

IELTS Masterclass: IELTS Reading Question Types course focuses mainly on the variety of questions asked in Reading Task of IELTS. Each of the time has a specific approach, a list of tips and a few strategies offered. The approach will help you with the ideal way to deal with the question type. The tips will help you save your time and work on the questions efficiently. These also highlight the tentative mistakes that one does. So, you will be saved from those grey areas after following all the tips. And, the strategies will let you handle the questions smartly.

With more than 15 downloadable resources and achievable quick-win strategies, you ought to be strong with the skills developed to attempt each question in all the three sections of IELTS Reading Task. Also, every lecture will take you one step ahead to reaching your goal and stay at the highest band.

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