How to Make a Freaking iPhone App - iOS 11 and Swift 4

iPhone App Development from scratch. Learn how to make iOS apps using Xcode 9. Including CoreML and ARKit!


What's Inside

Have you ever wanted to make an iPhone app? Did you get lost in YouTube videos or online blog posts? This is the course for you!

My name is Nick Walter and I am a self taught iPhone programmer. I Know what it feels like to start from the beginning. In my course I will teach you Swift 4 and how to make iOS 11 apps. What will we make?

  • Emoji Dictionary - A simple app to help us learn about TableViews
  • ToDo List - A todo app that teaches us about CoreData
  • Collector - Learn to work with the camera as we make an app to catalog a collection of something (video games, movies, stamps, etc...)
  • TalkBoy - Record sounds using the microphone and play them back. This one is fun!
  • Augmented Reality - Using 3D animation we'll make an airplane move around in our world.
  • Machine Learning - We'll create an app that will try to detect the subject matter of any image. Very fun!
  • Snapchat Clone - We'll use Firebase to make a simple version of Snapchat. Very involved
  • Pokemon Go Clone - Learn how to work with maps as we make a clone of most popular iOS game right now

You'll also learn:

  • How to submit an app to the App Store
  • How to make money with iOS
  • Git and GitHub

Come join the funnest course on Udemy for making iPhone apps!

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Nick Walter

I'm Nick Walter, an iOS developer that has been focused on mobile app design and creation for over 3 years. My involvement in the iOS community started off with a bang, and in 2013 I was one of 25 students worldwide to be invited to Apple's "Cocoa Camp." Within my community, I am also co-president of an Apple developer group called "Cocoa Heads."

I've always had an itch to make things, but growing up in a small town I had limited access to programming resources. This frustration drove my early interest in online education. After experimenting with various companies, learning styles, and teaching processes, I've adopted the best strategies and used them in my courses. My experience as an online student has directly influenced my teaching style, and I am now proud to help students all over the world with their online learning goals.

Since the announcement of the new Swift programming language by Apple, I have buried myself in the Apple documentation and any online resource that is available. In my first Swift course, I provide students with a detailed explanation of the topics and skills needed to learn Swift, an overview of the basic features of the new language, and get you started to begin building your first products.

Prior to teaching the internet's first course on Swift, I have created 5 iOS apps from scratch that are currently live in the App Store and being used by thousands of users worldwide. Using my experience launching my own apps, I'll walk you through the shortcuts that can save you time and frustration from having to teach yourself.

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