How to Get Your Research Paper Published

From Paper to Published: Pick a Journal, Pass the Desk Review & Peer Review, Write Cover Letters, Response Letters, etc.

What's Inside

Scientific publications are vital for career success and to make an impact as a researcher.

Even groundbreaking research is useless if it does not get published.

This course will show you how to pass each stage of the publication process and get your paper published in an attractive scientific journal.

What will you be able to DO after this course?

  • SELECT the right target journal to make the highest possible impact.
  • UNDERSTAND the publication process and how editors think.
  • APPLY strategies experienced researchers use to pass each stage of the publication process.
  • PRESENT your research effectively in an intriguing cover letter.
  • ADDRESS criticism from reviewers without sounding defensive.
  • THINK like a successful researcher and interpret criticism correctly.

Simply put, this course will teach you how to get from paper to published and make an impact on the world.

Submitting to a scientific journal can feel intimidating.

Most researchers experience rejection after rejection - even if they are highly skilled.

The problem is that having a good research paper is not enough.

Just like landing a good job is hard without a well-designed CV and interview skills, getting a research paper published is hard without understanding the publication process.

This is even more true for high impact journals.

Publishing is both an intellectual and mental challenge and this course is designed to help you with both.

So what will this course teach you specifically?

  • How to pick a suitable target journal.
  • The three stages of the publication process
  • How to strategize at each stage.
  • How to prepare your manuscript and figures for submission.
  • How to write an intriguing cover letter to pass the desk review.
  • How to deal with criticism from peer reviewers effectively.
  • How to write a compelling response letter to pass the peer review.
  • How to turn an unfair rejection into acceptance.
  • You will also get examples of a cover letter, response letter, and a letter to turn a rejection into acceptance.

In short, this course will guide you through the steps from paper to publishing in an attractive scientific journal.

Let me add that I want you to be truly happy with this course.

I used to be in your shoes and I want to give you the best possible course to help you succeed.

If this course does not deliver on every promise (and then some) you can get 100% of your money back.

So go ahead and give this course a test drive.

You can take the whole course, enjoy all of its benefits, and still get your money back if you are not satisfied.

After you click on the red button, the lectures will guide you through the process.

In addition, you can ask me questions anytime and will have my full support on every step of the way.

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