How To Find Your Life Purpose & Maximize Your Impact

10 Guidelines from History's Most Radically Successful People To Find Your Life Purpose & Make An Impact

What's Inside

In this course, I'll show you the entire, step-by-step framework I took from some of history's most successful to help you find your life purpose so you can make an impact on the world.

Inside, I'll share with you the mindsets, principles and action behind finding your purpose. We'll go through the "2 Part Purpose Mindset", the "8 Purpose Principles" and the "3 Step Purpose Action Plan", and I'll share with you lessons from history's greats throughout.

Here's a sample of what you'll learn inside the course:

1. Why you need to discover you purpose now [Lecture 3]

2. What Exactly is a life purpose? [Lecture 4]

3. The absolutely essential mindset you need to adopt to find your purpose [Lecture 7]

4. What you can learn from Mozart, Obama, Spielberg, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Einstein and more to find your purpose [Lectures 11-18]

5. 3 scientifically-proven action steps to achieving anything (and how to use it to find your purpose) [ Lecture 19]

6. If you don't take this step first, chances are you won't find your purpose [Lecture 20]

7. 5 Tools you can use to get the answers you need [Lecture 24]

And more...

These are the same principles many of the world's most successful people used. What I want to do is share them with you here.

So if you want to start finding your purpose and making an impact on the world, just click the "take this course" button and I'll see you inside.

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Brandon Hakim

I'm On A Quest To Give You The Education You'll Never Get In School.

The things that the world's highest achievers spent their entire lives discovering, that no professor or teacher will ever tell you.

Because when I was in college, I was mad. I’d just read a book and everything inside was the opposite of what I was learning in all my classes.

So I ran into the dean’s office and said "I'm literally learning more from the books I get on Amazon for five bucks than these classes that cost thousands of dollars each!"

And all she had to tell me is...they're working on it!

So when I walked out that day, I swore I’d teach myself the things I should have learned in school. And I started reading LOTS of books….now over a thousand on everything from meditation to making money. And I realized ONE BIG THING…

Everyone who’s excelled in any area of life knew things we’re never taught in school.

They were Insiders.

They discovered the truth about finding their purpose and creating a perfect vision to work towards. Or about motivation and productivity, financial freedom, having authentic relationships, changing the world, persuading people, learning incredibly quickly or celebrating their hundredth birthday still in perfect health.

Meanwhile in college we didn’t learn any of this stuff. Instead we’re forced to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to memorize facts so we could write them on a piece of paper.

So if you want to live a life miles beyond the “regular” life, you'll have to learn less from a classroom, and more from the people who have actually gotten the things you want.

And my goal is to condense tens of thousands of pages of reading in different subjects to help you become way more productive and make a lasting impact on the world.

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