Melody Composition Course; How to compose Beautiful & Catchy Melodies on the Piano

Music & piano lessons that teach how to compose melodies on the piano and how to make melodies to be catchy & memorable

What's Inside

With more than 15 hours of content, this Music Course is a Course that will teach you how to compose beautiful, catchy and memorable melodies. The purpose of the first section of this course is to teach the fundamentals and the musical knowledge i.e. the prerequisites (e.g. Scales, Musical Intervals and other important topics) that you need to know in order to learn about how to compose a melody. The musical knowledge that the first section of this course teaches you will be required for other sections of this course which teach about melody composition.

In this course, you will learn about the different attributes of a melody. You will learn about the pitch range of a melody. You will also learn about the contour of a melody. Furthermore, you will learn about musical phrases. Moreover, you will also learn about antecedent and consequent phrases. In addition to this, you will learn about other things.

This course is for:
  • People that want to learn how to compose melodies
  • People that want to learn how to make their melodies to be memorable and catchy

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My name is Oluwayanmife Akintola although you can also call me 'Yummy'. I am an experienced Pianist/Keyboardist and I have been playing for many years. Furthermore, I also have a Computer Engineering Degree.

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