Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist

Ultimate guitar lessons course. 26 hours. Chords, strumming & rhythm, scales & soloing, arpeggios, theory, & more!

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  • 25 hours on-demand video
  • 54 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
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⦁ "Very easy to understand. It’s the best course I have ever come across, very systematic." - Khalid S.

⦁ "This is an excellent step-by-step guide and lots of fun. " - Bobbie S.

⦁ "Enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable approach!." - William M.

⦁ "Very in depth and gives a clear pathway to each goal." - Derek S.

⦁ "Easy to understand." - Ben

*UPDATE - New section, Bonus Lessons, has been added to the end of the course. This section features continuing education guitar lessons & music theory videos, including PDFs.

Welcome to Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist! This is a complete guitar lessons course for all guitar students - beginner to advanced. These guitar lessons start at the beginning, assuming that you don't know how to play at all. Imagine yourself as a confident & highly skilled guitarist because you invested in yourself and went through this course.

Any kind of six-string guitar will work well for this course - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or classical guitar. This course is all about guitar playing & guitar theory.

This course is arranged in 9 sections with guitar lessons that each build on the previous lesson. The sections are: GUITAR BASICS, BEGINNER LEVEL, NOVICE LEVEL, INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, ADVANCED LEVEL, EXPERT LEVEL, WORLD CLASS LEVEL, JAM ALONG, and BONUS LESSONS.

Throughout this course, we will focus heavily on these guitar fundamentals:

Chords - Including open & barre chords in multiple positions, relative (scale chords), extended, altered, construction, naming, and more.

Rhythm - Including reading, writing, counting, strumming, picking, tapping, timing, and all things rhythm guitar.

Arpeggios - From basic major & minor to extended & altered, some include multiple redundant positions for better guitar mastery, you will arpeggiate every chord. Arpeggios are for guitar soloing.

Scales & Modes - Including major & minor pentatonics, major & minor scales, all 7 relative modes, full-fretboard soloing, and other exotic scales. Scales & modes are for guitar soloing.

Other - Including techniques like hammer-ons, pulloffs, slides, bends, fret-tapping, natural & artificial harmonics, reading standard music notation, blues guitar, dyads, ear training, and more!

The JAM ALONG section includes 10 videos, each with a PDF, of live-recorded jam along guitar loops for you to use while you practice soloing. The keys and scales are clearly marked & charted out on the whiteboard (and the PDF attachments) so you'll know exactly what to play!

Every lesson video has a PDF attachment. These PDFs are the tabs, chords, rhythms, songs, and guitar lessons.

I've been teaching guitar students for over 25 years. I'm familiar with all of the pitfalls, issues, questions, and confusions that you are likely to have while learning this material. This is your new guitar home!

  • This guitar course is for everyone - including beginners & advanced guitarists.
  • You only need a guitar - any kind of guitar with six strings.
  • We will start at the very beginning.

This course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar.
  • Complete beginners!
  • Good guitar players who have fallen into a rut.
  • Good guitar players who can't connect the dots.
  • Confused guitar students. (This course will make everything clear for you!)
  • Advanced guitarists needing a musical boost.

What you'll learn:

  • Play the guitar at an advanced level!
  • Read & write your own music.
  • Solo & improvise over any song in any key!
  • Play any guitar chord!
  • Master rhythm & strumming!
  • Understand, use, & play all arpeggios.
  • Deep-dive into scales & modes for soloing!
  • In-depth music theory in every video!
  • Ear-training to analyze music by ear!
  • Techniques like slides, pull-offs, harmonics, tapping, and more!
  • Jam with other musicians or perform!
  • 10 backing track videos to practice soloing!
  • Acoustic or electric guitar lessons!
  • Beginner to advanced guitar lessons!

This will be easy for you to learn and it'll be fun! I'm glad you're here!

Let's get started.

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Dan Dresnok

I’m your guitar teacher. I've been teaching guitar & music for over 27 years. My goal is to teach you everything that I know.

I’ve worked as a session guitarist for various recording studios. I’ve performed live countless times.

I’ve moderated hundreds of group guitar clinics. I’ve written several guitar method books & created over a dozen online guitar courses.

I specialize in jazz, bluegrass, blues, rock, music & guitar theory.

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