New Business Ideas: Create Your $1,000,000 Business This Week

Master Marketing & Growth Hacking Strategies for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur


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Take advantage of this in-depth course, and start your future business with the knowledge needed to succeed. Why is this course unique? It’s completely based on real data from the instructor’s personal experiences – including 18 years of owning and operating an online business. You’ll learn from the ups and downs of her journey in order to turn your vague business idea into a million dollar enterprise.

  • Get the direction you need to build a business w/ over 51 lectures & 1.5 hours of content!
  • Learn easy-to-understand techniques for building a business
  • Follow step-by-step instructions on how to find, validate & build a million dollar business w/o guessing
  • Reduce your chances of failure
  • Learn about the instructor’s experience w/ brick & mortar and cloud-based business
  • Understand essential growth hacking techniques

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Jackie Burgoa, MBA, MSF

Hi! I'm Jackie. I have a degree in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley. An MBA from Nova University, a Master of Science in Finance from FIU and you might say I eat, breathe and sleep business growth!

As a digital marketer and business owner, I spend most of my time learning and applying strategies on how to grow a business so I can sell it at a profit! - I share everything I learned over the past 18+ years in my online courses!

In August 2015, my youngest son turned 21. After 20 years of building businesses (many times I succeeded, many times I failed) I ditched my massive house and moved to a cozier place. My goal is to be able to spend more time creating online courses (In English and Spanish) and share my knowledge. I also want to dedicate my time to building IoT (Internet of Things) projects…ah, and Crowdfund them whenever possible.

My CV:


I earned the “National Leadership Award," “2,000 Notable American Women," “National Dean's List Award of Merit" and “The National Leadership Honorary Co-Chairman Award." In addition, I was nominated "Forbes 30 Women to Follow on Twitter" and "100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter."I am also a Member of "Forbes' Insights Advisory Panel".


I am the product of U.C. Berkeley School of Architecture, Nova University Masters in Business Administration and FIU's Masters of Science in Finance.

Business and Travel

I have lived and worked in Singapore, Bolivia and the U.S. For the past 18 years I have managed and operated my own eBusiness. The first ten as a brick-and-mortar and the last eight, as a fully cloud-based online business. Before selling it, this eBusiness was my real-working lab where I tested and applied all my strategic business theories. All my knowledge and experience now gets applied to Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking.

I own a Digital Marketing Agency. My company, iPivot dot co, is a DONE-FOR-YOU Online Vertical Market & B2B Marketing Digital Agency. My other company Marques dot so, specializes in Sales Automation, Inbound Marketing & Mobile Marketing for Small Companies and Local Businesses.

Passions and Personal

I am the proud mother of two wonderful boys. I was born and raised in Bolivia and currently live in sunny South Florida. I am a ski junkie, adore "Pink Floyd" and live to travel. I love everything that has to do with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Crowdfunding. You can almost say I am obsessed with IoT and Crowdfunding!

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