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The most Comprehensive Course on Git and Github is here! Master Version Control with the best technology available on the market.

Software Developers around the world will tell you that version control is one of the most important aspects of programming and development. Imagine working hard to build your app, spending hours and hours of coding to update it, just to find that the latest changes you made to the app created an error. Now, you code won’t work! What can you do?

Well, with Git , you can simply restore the last change you made and get your app up and running.

That’s what Git and Version Control are. Git is a version control system that tracks changes made to computer files and saves the file after each change is made to it. It is commonly used in software development to keep track of changes made to the codes. This ensures that in case the latest code throws an error, you can simply restore the older saved version and get your code back up and running, until you figure out what went wrong with your current update.

On the other hand, Github is basically a repository that allows you to save your coding files and create a collaborative environment. Your Github repository can be shared with other individuals who can then help and guide you with codes and even testing. It is commonly used for collaboration on codes, as an information bank about the app or website and even as a task manager.

So, where can you learn this awesome technology? Right here, of course!

We have designed the most comprehensive tutorial to help you learn Git and Github. Even if you have no prior experience with these technologies, don’t worry! This course will help get started from the ground up and will guide you step by step to help you master Git and Github.

You are expected to have basic knowledge of Linux and it’s command line since we will be using Linux as an example system, with HTML as the example programming language. You will learn using the actual system to understand exactly what is Git and Github as well as how to install Git on your Linux system.

From there, you will take your first steps with Git and learn how to work with remote repositories, different files, revisiting the history, branching and recovering from failures. You will also learn how you can customize your Git and also how to host your own Github repository. The best part, the course will also help you with the best tips and tricks about Git and Github including best practices so that you can get the most out of your Git and Github.

No more hours of fixing codes, just restore the previous version. Get the most out of code with Git and this course. Enroll Now and become a Git and Github master.

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