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Have you ever wanted to learn Computer hacking, Then this is the place YOU HAVE TO BE .Ever wished to see yourself as a JAMES BOND in REAL LIFE. Be Prepared for a JAW DROPPING , ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIVE learning experience.This is a great opportunity for the security enthusiasts and ethical hackers across the globe with intense learning sessions through animation, LIVE demonstrations, hands on experience on the latest tools, Access to Capture-the-Flag Competition and technologies that enables you to discover and contribute to make the world a SECURE place to live in. And Truth well said , "The best part in ones life is DOING what people say you CANNOT DO" - Join us on a Magical Session of Computer Hacking

This Course is the fundamental course on Ethical Hacking which delivers knowledge of real time attack vectors and defensive methods. This course has been designed by group of globally recognized Information Security Professionals to meet the participant and organization expectations. For easy understanding for the participants , LIVE practical demonstration on the appropriate full fledged courses.
This course delivers comprehensive deep understanding of how attacker’s works in dark and methodology they follow to deface a network. In other hand, how the Information Security Professionals working in an organization identifies these methodologies and deface attackers.
This course will give a idea to know how our other full courses will be like.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anybody who is interested in learning ethical hacking / penetration testing
  • Anybody who wants to learn how hackers would attack their computer systems
  • Anybody who wants to learn how to secure their systems from hacker


  • Basic IT Skills

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Early from the late 90's, I have been always passionate about computer, espically games which eventually had got interest to learn how computers work, such as application , debugging, disassembling, compiling,etc., with time, the same interest got towards networking, like how packets communicate, how data gets transferred,bandwidth , then got lil into wireless and eventually turning back proved me i was not anywhere but a lovely apt domain called 'Security', i feel i have been travelling in a very interesting path from where i have started, i would certainly urge everyone of us to try it experience it, its not jus the knowledge but its fun, and yea for me i have miles to go myself.

After 14 years I have turned to focus my efforts on training how attackers hack systems and also started to help them understand how to secure ourselves against such attacks. I decided to teach all that i have learnt over the period of 15 years in form of few videos, which effectively means i teach all that 15 years to you in a week... My instruction is very actionable with live demos and hands on, Also i share lab exercises which will enable you not just to read but impliment what you have learnt, I want students to take the knowledge they gain and start using it to make money or do what they choose to do with it (ofcourse only ethical ones).

In 2013, I along with my team at infySEC, stuck the World Record for conducting the largest and longest ethical hacking Marathon with over 9000+ participants assembled in one location, check us on youtube for reference.

My expectations soon after my graduation about IT company's were shattered :D , afterall they say, you are what your company is.My fellow colleagues and team mates were working for money, i was desperate and searching for some like minded in computers, but again, its been 5 yrs i have been working for Multi national companies, and now i have got full time freelancing, afterall there is no one to question your time restriction of work, domain of work, etc..,You are master of your fate, and captain of your soul.... Live the life you have imagined :D

You will find my teaching style is well liked by my students and they are always looking for new and exciting courses from me. Check feedbacks here

Harry The Boss - Rating: 5 out of 5
I highly recommend infysec to everyone.I joined the training with absolutely no prior experience in ethical hacking....When I attended a training..It was revelation..The fluidity and crisp and clear understanding of trainer was showing...No jargons. In fact he made a very complex phenomenon very simple to comprehend. I gained much more than expectations.... The trainer was master in his subject knowledge...With answers to any questions shooting at him....

Stacie Stalcup - Rating: 5 out of 5
I enjoy the animation. No matter what computer course Infysec offers, I will most likely take it because of how the subject matter is taught and presented. We aren't forced to look at someone reading powerpoints or watching someone talking into the camera which makes me sleepy and becomes boring. There is no dull PowerPoint here; Instead, InfySEC animates the techniques and after the lessons provide step by step exercises. I wish all Udemy classes were taught this way.

Dominik Koszkul - Rating: 5 out of 5
This course quickly shows what are dangers in web. Great for beginners to realize how to write the web applications and secure the servers against attackers

Raymundo Torres - Rating: 5 out of 5
This instruction video was great. Just stuck to the material and explained it thoroughly with visual images and examples. This video inspired me to start a smalll training program for my fellow colleagues. Thanks!

Diana Carolina Gómez - Rating: 5 out of 5
Because the explanations have simple examples and close to reality. This helps to recognize and understand the content of the course easier.

Miteshkumar Joshi - Rating: 5 out of 5
Having some knowledge on HTTP, this course is suitable for me and clearly defines some areas where I was findling it diffculty.

Come , lets togather make the world a secure place to live in !

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