Frontend Javascript Bootcamp

Master Essential JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries with 7 Courses (32.5+ Hours) on EmberJS, ReactJS & More

What's Inside

Learn to create professional web apps with arguably the most popular programming language available--Javascript. Like any true bootcamp does--this training will take you beyond what you thought possible to master the advanced techniques and frameworks used by the pros.

Courses Included with Purchase

Build Apps with ReactJS: The Complete Course
Efficiently Create Dynamic User Interfaces with This Powerful Library
Learn Facebook Flux Architecture for Web Applications
Utilize This Elegant & Intuitive Architecture to Build Scalable Apps
Build Web Apps Using EmberJS: The Complete Course
Power Your App Development Process By Automating Common Backend Processes
Learn to Build Web Apps using UnderscoreJS : Code Like a Pro
This Potent Library Provides Common Utility Functions to Help You Code More Effectively
Learn to Build Web Apps Using D3JS
Convert Complex Spreadsheets into Simplified Data Visualizations
Learn to Program in BackboneJs : Code like a Pro
Master This Tool to Expedite Building Single-Page Web Apps & Complex UIs
Learn Knockout JS Framework from GroundUp
Effectively Create Scalable Apps with This Handy Framework

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