From 0 to 1: Investments and Portfolio Theory

A zoom-in, zoom-out, connect-the-dots take on Investments and Portfolio Theory including Markowitz Model and CAPM

What's Inside

Course Description

A zoom-in, zoom-out, connect-the-dots tour of Investment and Portfolio Theory

Let's parse that

  • 'connect the dots': Investments and Portfolio Theory are a function of risk, return and the trade-offs achieved between them. The factors that affect these are interconnected. If you get a hang of the relationships, Portfolio Theories would seem like a piece of cake.
  • 'zoom in': Getting the details is very important in portfolio theory - the risk-return trade-off are the core basis for all the theories and because they are inversely related, getting the concepts right can be a little tricky. This course gets the details right where they are important.
  • 'zoom out': Details are important, but not always. This course knows when to switch to the big picture.

What's Covered:

  • Investments introduced: Returns, elements of return, time value, inflation and risk premium and how each of these change returns.
  • Various investment instruments: term deposits, bonds, stocks discussed in detail bringing out the frequency and quantum of return, sources of return and quantum of risk from each of the assets.
  • Markowitz Modern Portfolio Theory: Five elements of the theory explained: Risk Averse, Portfolios, Risk-Retun Trade off, Measuring Return and Measuring Risk.
  • Measuring Return: Explained steps for measuring individual assets and portfolio returns using random variables and probability theory along with logical explanation for each step
  • Measuring Risk: Explained measuring risk of individual assets and portfolio risk along with step-by-step procedure for variance, standard deviation, covariance, correlation coefficient and the reason for using these.
  • Types of Return: Systematic and Unsystematic risks, types of each and effect on investments
  • Diversification of Investment: Learn by example how diversification reduces Unsystematic risk and what Market Portfolio is.
  • Risk Free Assets: Real and Nominal Risk free rate of return including the components
  • CAPM: The 4 components of CAPM including in-depth on types of Beta and how investment decisions using CAPM are taken
  • Equity and Entity Valuation: A teaser on CAPM and WACC used for equity valuation.

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What are the requirements?

  • This course assumes no prior knowledge of accounting or finance

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 21 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!
  • Understand investment, risk, return, trade-offs, portfolio theories
  • Calculate return and risk of assets and portfolios using Markowitz Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Calculate the CAPM Required rate of return and take investment decisions

What is the target audience?

  • Yep! Business majors and aspiring MBAs
  • Yep! Finance professionals who are rusty on equity valuation
  • Yep! CFA Candidates
  • Yep! Accountants looking to strengthen their applied corporate finance skills
  • Yep! Non-finance professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs looking to understand how companies are valued

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