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Learning hacking is very diffucult. Unlike programming or any other thing you have to work really hard to get to know something. Because there are closed communities, not especially friendly to people from "outside". A lot of people complained about it before they started the training. Almost everyone experienced rejection and almost everyone did not know how to make the first step. People just want to learn fast and good because of that we offer solid good information for beginners.

In this video series you will learn various way of hacking. Our aim is teaching basics about Penetration Testing and ethical hacking in this lessons. Because basics are very important. You can't continue to learn advanced techniques and things without knowing basics of ethical hacking. After this good basic knowledge you can easily improve yourself and continue to learn without a lot of effort.

We will teach how to do hacking in real life not just theory. We will do a lot of DEMO in this video series to understand topic much better. The topics that we are going to learn;

Kali Linux:

You will learn Kali Linux which is specially designed Linux distrubution for Penetration Tester.

  • Installation of Kali Linux OS
  • Basic usage of Linux


You will learn exploiting security vulnerabilities with Metasploit Framework. It is a very popular program amongst Penetration Testers which have a very big exploit collection.

  • Metasploit framework
  • Exploiting a vulnerability with Metasploit framework
  • Client Side Attacks


You will learn how can make trojan, how to detect trojan in your systems and how can you hide trojan file from antivirus programs.

  • Making trojan file
  • Creating and managing a botnet
  • Hiding trojan file from antivirus programs
  • Detecting trojans in your systems


In this section you will learn how can you capture network traffic packages, how can you analyze and find usefull information in this packages. You will learn arp poisoning, dns spoof attacks.

  • Capturing network traffics
  • Data mining from captured network traffics
  • Arp poisoning attack
  • Dns spoof attack

Just try our course. You will not regret. If you don't like it you can take your money back without answering any question.


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Gökhan Okumuş

I started my career by learning programming languages. In my high school days I learned C and C++. After a few years later I started to learn C#
programming language. I did some basic automation programmes for accountants. I studied these programming languages until university. In my
university years I started to learn web programming languages. I learned PHP, Javascript, Jquery, CSS, HTML and with my friends we made
several projects for our university. Projects are web based detailed student information system, document management system and several
websites. We kept maintained these projects during our university days. After university I started to work at IT Department of Turkish National
Police. I was responsible from Systems, Networks and Security structure of Personnel Information System project. These project have users
between 250.000 to 300.000 in general and we had 15.000 active users twenty four hours. I managed to run this project without any major
incident for 4 years. In order to run this project smoothly I took courses about Microsoft Servers, Hyper-V Virtualization, Juniper and Cisco
switches and routers, Checkpoint Firewalls, IBM IPS's, Linux Servers, Antivirus Systems and Certified Ethical Hacking. Because of the different
workflow in Turkish National Police I was able gain so many valuable knowledge and experiences.
After gaining these valuable skills I was able focus much more on cyber security. I learned Assembly for both 32 bit and 64 bit arthitecture. I
learned Python and sharpening my Python skills in area of security. For the time being I prepared courses and continue to prepare another
courses for other people to learn security topics fast and easily. My courses are on different online teaching platforms. I have thousands of
students which I am proud of them. Sharing my knowledge is giving me more courage to advance in my area

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