Ear Training; Train your ears to recognize Scale Degrees & a Song's Key

Piano & Music Course that teaches how to develop Relative Pitch hearing by learning to recognise Scale Degrees by ear


What's Inside

With more than 9 hours of content, this Music course is a course that will help you to develop a musical ear that can recognise the different Scale Degrees of any Major or Minor Scale. The first section of this course covers the prerequisites (e.g. Major and Minor Scales) that you need to know in order to progress to the other sections of the course . You can skip the first section of this course if you already understand all the topics that are in it. In this Course, will learn how to recognise the tonic note, the supertonic note, the mediant note, the dominant note and other types of Scale Degrees by ear. This course will also help you to be able to recognise how the Key of a Song (i.e. the tonic note of the Scale that the Song is based on) sounds like just by listening to the song. Developing a good musical ear will help you with your piano playing and with your improvisation skills. Hence, this course will help you to improve your musical ear. Being able to read music is good; however it is even better and more beneficial if you have a skilled musical ear. Having a skilled musical ear is more beneficial and profitable than the skill of being able to read music (even though it is good to know how to read music).

Who this course is for:
  • People want to improve their musical ear
  • People want to develop a good musical ear
  • People who struggle with finding the Key of a Song that they're listening to

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Oluwayanmife (also known as 'Yummy') Akintola

My name is Oluwayanmife Akintola although you can also call me 'Yummy'. I am an experienced Pianist/Keyboardist and I have been playing for many years. Furthermore, I also have a Computer Engineering Degree.

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