Dreamweaver CC for Beginners

A beginner level course for those new to Dreamweaver Creative Cloud (CC)

What's Inside

In the 12-hour Learn Dreamweaver Creative Cloud (CC) video training course, you will discover how to easily and quickly design your first website using this popular web development software.

Your professional trainer will teach you the basics of creating a web page that includes text, images, and hyperlinks.

Learn how to customize the design and content of your web pages. You’ll also find out how to use essential features in Dreamweaver such as previewing your pages before they are published, and designing for multiple screens.

The comprehensive course continues with tutorials discussing how to publish and manage your website, and practical tips for quickly editing your pages before they are published.

This beginner level course is intended for those who are just being introduced to Dreamweaver and website design. It’s taught at a casual pace so that learners have plenty of time to absorb the information.

This course includes:

  1. Exercise files
  2. An optional quiz to test what you’ve learned
  3. Certificate of completion

IMPORTANT: This course is for absolute beginners. If you're looking for a fast paced course, consider another course.

What People Are Saying:

“With any course that hasn't been updated in a couple of years, there were some parts that were no longer relevant to CC now - fluid grid layouts being one tool that has been replaced in Dreamweaver CC 2017. I would definitely take another course with this instructor.” -Jan Beasley

“I've taken 21% of the course, and so far, it has been fantastic. Admittedly, I am new to website building and know very little about coding and even less about css. I thought I would hate css, but the instructor is fantastic. He explains things in a clear-cut, concise manner. I am building a website for my church and took the job as webmaster. The old static site will soon be gone and a new, up-to-date, ‘live’ website will take its place. I can't wait to learn more!” –Dan Booth

“Very good; rate of instruction excellent; many pauses to illustrate potential destructive choices; very good and this is my fourth webinar.” -Walter Warren

Course Curriculum

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